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Mary, originally from Kansas City, Missouri, received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Brigham Young University in 2006. After finishing her degree, Mary gained further photography experience at a professional studio where she worked as an indoor and outdoor photographer. After moving more than 20 times in her life, she learned that change taught her to observe her surroundings with open eyes. Her experiences have taught her to see the details that most people overlook. This quality sets her apart in the field of wedding photography.

Spending most of her childhood years on the gentle hills and plains of Missouri, her attention is drawn to flat lines and texture which are reflected in her photography. Her passion lies in capturing the moments, attitudes, and characteristics of the individuals she photographs. With each new project, her mind is focused on one thing--documenting YOUR important details.

Mary and her husband Danny married in April 2005. Her experiences with both her wedding and many others have taught her that even the most spontaneous moments can be the most captivating and memorable. Let her catch those moments in your life.